Marriage Requirements

These are just a brief listings of marriage requirements. Details can change without notice. Please check with the destination consulates for up to date information.

Anguilla Wedding – A fee paid to Government of Anguilla 48 hours to prior to wedding. Can be taken care of before arrival on the island. Passport or Birth certificates & photo ID. Proof of Divorce /Death certificate. 2 witness. Proof of residency in respected country
Antigua Wedding – A fee. 1 day waiting period. Passports or Birth certificate & photo ID. Proof Divorce/Death certificate.
Aruba Wedding – A passport/Birth certificate & photo ID, Divorce decree. All documentation to be submitted 14 days before ceremony.
Bahamas Wedding – A fee. 1 day waiting. Passport or Birth certificate & photo ID. Proof of Divorce/Death certificate. You must arrive 48 hours prior (including 1 business day) to wedding day in Bahamas prior to application for a marriage license.
Bali Wedding – Couples who marry in Indonesia must declare a religion and must be the same, other wise one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion. The religious marriage under Islam is performed by the Office of Religious Affairs in a ceremony at choose location. Couples must file with the Civil Registry Office and a Notice of Intention to marry, a Letter of No Impediment obtained. Passport valid for 6 months. Divorce/Death certificate
Barbados Wedding – There ‘s no waiting period on Barbados – couples can get married on the day they arrive, if they choose. To get their licence, they must have a valid passport or original or certified copies of their birth certificates. There’s additional paperwork if either person is divorced or widowed. When they file their application, couples must also present a letter from the marriage officer who has consented to perform the ceremony. The licence fee is cash plus a stamp fee. Separate fees are payable to the Court and to the Magistrate in respect of civil marriage ceremonies: for on the beach, and at the court house.
Barbuda Wedding – A fee. 1 day waiting period. Passports or Birth certificate & photo ID. Proof Divorce/Death certificate.
Belize Wedding – A fee. Copy passport (first 2 pages) and page showing arrival date into Belize. Proof of Divorce/Death certificate.
Bermuda Wedding – A Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be filed with the Register General 2 weeks prior to wedding. The form must be accompanied by a fee (for license and for marriage certificate) that can be paid to Accountant General, Hamilton Bermuda. 2 weeks after receipt of notice, the Registar General may issue the marriage licence, which must be collected within 3 months or will expire.
Bonaire Wedding – A fee for married at City Hall, or married outside City Hall, or married on Klein Bonaire. You must contact the Governor of Bonaire at least two months ahead of time requesting temporary residency and for permission to marry, waiting period of 3 days. Passport or birth certificate & photo ID. Proof Divorce/Death certificate.
British Virgin Islands Wedding – A fee if resident for 1 – 14 days. or if resident for 15 + days. Passport or Birth Certificate & photo ID, Proof Divorce/Death certificate. Documents should be original or certified copies, two witnesses, waiting period is three days.
Cayman Islands Wedding – A fee. Passport or Birth certificate & photo ID, Embarkation/disembarkation card. Marriage license from the Chief Secretary’s Office, – Letter from Marriage Officer. Proof Divorce/Death certificate. No waiting period.
Cooks Island Wedding – A fee for Marriage license, & fee for Marriage Certificate Passport or Birth certificate with photo ID. Application for license must be made in person to the Registrar of Marriages in the Cooks Island 3 working days prior to marriage, Notice of Intended Marriage Proof Divorced/Death certificate .
Costa Rica Wedding – Passport, copy of passport (first 2 pages), Affidavit of Single Status, two witnesses. Proof of Divorce decrees
Cuba Wedding – If you have never been married before, all you need is a passport that is valid for 3 months beyond your stay in Cuba, and a tourist card (available from a travel agent, airline or the Cuban consulate. If either the bride or groom has been married before, the previously married person must, in addition to the valid passport and tourist card, also produce the following documents: if divorced: his/her birth certificate and Certificate of Divorce;
if widowed: his/her birth certificate, Certificate of Marriage and Certificate of Spouse’s Death.
Have your birth certificate and any divorce/marriage/death documents translated into Spanish and certified by a notary public and legalized by the Cuban consul in Canada (service fee applies) – In addition, you must: Create a sheet that lists your names, home address, occupations, level of education, nationality and the full names of your parents, living or deceased.
Attach the photo page of your passport to this sheet.
Fax copies of all documentation (including the extras described above if you have been married before) in both English and Spanish to your hotel in Cuba at least three weeks before your arrival there.
Bring all your original documents with you.
Your marriage will be formalized in the name stated on your passport.Your passport must therefore be correct, and the name on your passport must match that on all your other documents. After your wedding, your Marriage Certificate will be prepared as quickly as possible and either given to you before you leave (time permitting) or couriered at the hotel’s expense to the home address on your documents. Your marriage is legalized by the Canadian Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Foreign Affairs department.
Curacao Wedding – A fee. Passport & birth certificate, Proof Divorce/Death certificate, return air ticket, proof of eligibility, must be non – Antillean residents.
Dominica Wedding – A fee. Passport & birth certificate. Proof Divorce/Death certificate, 2 witnesses, 2 day waiting period. Declaration of marital status obtained in Dominica.
Dominican Republic Wedding – A fee for legalization, and translation. Check with your hotel if they require your birth certificates to be legalized or only translated is enough, also check that your wedding date & details are confirmed. You will need 2 witnesses with valid passports if traveling with you or you can ask local hotel staff to be witness. The following documents are required: note that legal transcripts of birth certificates, single status affidavits & divorce certificates need to be prepared in the country where the documents were issued. Original birth certificates. (send 2 copies) Valid passports. (send 2 copies of main page). Notarized Statutory Declarations of Single Status done according to the sample. (send 1 original & 1 copy). Divorce/Death certificate. (send original or notarized photocopy & 2 simple photocopies). The 3rd and 4th documents are translated & legalized by the Dominican Republic Consulate. The birth certificates have to be translated into Spanish. Courier all above-mentioned documents and their copies. DO NOT SEND original birth certificates or passports. Include a prepaid courier envelope to return documents to you, with your daytime phone number & mailing address. Legalization of documents takes 5 working days. Please note that your first, middle & last name must be the same on your passport & statutory declaration. If name is different, indicate that in point 1 of your declaration. As on January 31/07 onwards the Government of the Dominican Republic has implemented a new fee for Judges marrying couples.
Dubia Weddings – Non Muslim wedding, neither should be Muslim, Birth certificates, copy of passport and a passport size photo, proof of divorce/Death certificate. Letter of Freedom to Marry.
Europe Weddings – The regulations and fees governing weddings in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland vary between the countries.
France Weddings – Couples interested in getting married in France should know that while a marriage contracted in France is valid in Canada, at least one of the partners must be living in France for a minimum on 1 to 2 months before the wedding. Weddings must be celebrated in the City Hall where the spouses lives
French West Indies Wedding – No fee, 1 person must be a resident for 30 days (resident card is required), Birth certificate, certificate of good conduct (including certificate of single status). Medical certificate issued within 3 months of event , a blood test is required, French translation of English language documents.
Greece Weddings – Originals of birth certificate plus a copy of each (originals will be returned post ceremony). Copies of a translation of the birth certificate (s) to Greek execute by your nearest Greek Consulate. Photocopies of passport. Final divorce decree (if applicable)Legal documentation of name change (if applicable). A letter of “no impediment”” to marriage issued by a Canadian Notary Public verifying there are no legal obstacles preventing the wedding couple from marrying. A wedding licenses and registration of marriage from your city of residence
Grenada Wedding – Couples must be on island for three days before applying for a licence, in person, at the Office of the Prime Minister. The stamp duty and licence fee. Licenses are generally ready within two working days (slightly longer if either partner has been divorced). Couples must have valid passports, birth certificates and a sworn affidavit attesting that it’s a first marriage. Additional paperwork is required if it’s not.
Guyana Wedding – A fee. Copy of passport or birth certificate. 15 day waiting period for non-residents, Notarized marriage request form.
Guadeloupe Wedding – No fee. Original birth certificate (or copy with raised seal), single affidavit, blood test & certificate of health from Dr. All documents must be translated into French. Residency of 1 month for one of the couple.
Haiti Wedding – Birth certificates, Proof Divorce/Death certificate, blood test
Hawaiian Wedding – A fee. Picture Id (drivers license will do). No blood test or waiting period required.Apply together in person to the Heath Department building to obtain license.
Ireland – Both people must be free to marry an d must freely consent to the marriage and they must observe the formalities as required by the laws of Ireland: Neither party may be related by blood or in some instances by marriage. They must give a minimum of 3 months written notice to the Registrar of Marriages. Must be 18 years of age and of the opposite sex. Proof of Divorce/Death certificate and a questionnaire must be filled out by both divorcees (where applicable). 2 witnesses All documentation must be in English
Jamaica Wedding – Visitors can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica, providing prior application has been made for a marriage licence. A license fee in Jamaican dollars. Copy of birth certificate (certified) with father’s name, 1 day waiting period, Proof Divorce/Death certificate
Las Vegas Wedding – Proof of age. No blood or waiting period, both present at the Marriage License Bureau, 1 witness other than individual performing the ceremony. Proof Divorce
Martinique Wedding – No fee. Residency of 1 month, birth certificate with visa of Consulate translated into French, single status document, passport, documents process 72 hr in advance.
Mexico Wedding – Couples are advised to check with their specific destinations as requirements may vary from state to state. Couples must complete an application form, obtained in Mexico at the Registry Office. They must also have results of a blood test (done in Mexico for a fee), tourist card as well as valid passport. 2-4 Two witness over 18 yrs. Proof Divorce/Death certificate, 3 to 4 business day waiting period.
New York Wedding – Legal requirements for marriage in NYC are the same for everyone, whether you are a U.S. citizen or not. A fee for a Marriage License payable in a money order only. No other method of payment is acceptable. 24 hr waiting, no blood test, Proof Divorce/Death certificate
Puerto Rico Wedding – A fee. Passport for non US citizen & photo ID. Proof Divorce Death certificate, 2 witnesses over 21, Health certificate & VDRL test from resident doctor.
Same Sex weddings in Canada – Birth certificate, passport or an official ID, divorce decree.
St Barthelemy Wedding – No fee. Original birth certificate (or copy with raised seal), single affidavit, blood test & certificate of health from Dr. All documents must be translated into French. Residency of 1 month for one of the couples.
St.Eustatias/Saba Wedding – A fee. Passport, Birth Certificates, a Residence Permit. Proof of divorce decree, 2 weeks waiting period
St. Kitts & Nevis Wedding – A fee. Passports or birth certificate, Proof divorce/Death certificate, Residency of 2 days, documents must be in English or have notarized translations, must have letter from your Minister at home if you are having a Minister perform the ceremony
St. Lucia Wedding – St Lucia offers two types of marriage licence: an Ordinary licence and a Special licence. For an Ordinary licence, applications must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date of marriage. For the new special licence, visitors can apply on the same day of marriage, providing required documentation is available. Following documentation, which includes: certified true copies or originals: passport, birth certificate and paperwork in cases of divorce, death or name change. The application must be made by a local solicitor to the Attorney General or notary who prepares and signs the licence. Fees are: Notary and ordinary licence, Notary and special licence, Registry fee, & Marriage certificate.
St. Martin Wedding – No fee. Original birth certificate (or copy with raised seal), single affidavit, blood test & certificate of health from Dr. All documents must be translated into French. .Residency of 1 month for one of couple
St. Maarten Wedding – To marry on St. Maarten, request must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to schedule ceremony. Required notarized, original paperwork includes a full abridged (long) birth certificate for both the bride and groom to prove the legality of same, stamped and authenticated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Ditch Embassy and the Netherlands Consulate in Canada. Unmarried persons must present a declaration of marital status not older than three months signed by a Notary. Marriages required six witnesses if the marriage is performed outside of the Marriage Hall and two witnesses if the ceremony takes place in the Marriage Hall, all with valid passport or birth certificate with picture ID. The fee for contracting foreign marriage and includes civil ceremony, marriage book, stamps and certificate.
St. Vincent & The Grenadines Wedding – Valid passport and ongoing plane ticket, certified and notarized copies of birth certificates and proof of status (if applicable). All certified document copies must have their original stamp/seal and signature and all documents must be in English: The Governor’s general license can be obtained one day prior to the wedding. The Registrar’s licence must be obtained seven days prior to the wedding.
Tobago Wedding – A fee. Passport & airline ticket. Proof Divorce/Death certificate. Residency of 3 days.
Turks & Caicos Wedding – Couples must reside on island at least 48 hours before applying for licence. The licence fee plus the marriage certificate. Original documents to be produced in person are: passport, birth certificate, proof of status, letter stating both parties occupations, marital status, present address of residence and father’s full name. Couples should have photocopies of all the original documents as well. All copies need to be certified by notary.
US Virgin Islands Wedding – A fee. A ceremony performed by judge fee. Passport/Birth Certificate, Proof Divorce/Death certificate, waiting period 8 days, You are not required to be in the Virgin Islands during this time
Venezuela Wedding – A fee. Passport, Passport copy ( first two pages). Divorce decree

Getting Married on a cruise ship – The bridal couple must be sailing to hold a ceremony on board a ship Although you cannot get married while at sea, some cruise lines will married on the ship or off the ship while at port. The couple must obtain a marriage license in the city port that they choose they want to be married in, so they will need to follow those requirements